Are you thinking about selling your home? Here are the top five things to do to spruce up your home and make it more valuable prior to selling.

1. Exterior Repair & Paint

The exterior of your home is the very first thing a potential buyer is going to see, so it is definitely worth giving it a refresh. Depending upon the state of your exterior, here are some parts of your home exterior to consider, that a pressure cleaning and painting service can do wonders for: walls, roof, gutters, driveway, walkway, windows, fences, garage door. Pick and choose what your home needs done the most, the result will be a fresh eye-catching exterior that potential buyers are going to notice.

2. Landscaping

A well landscaped yard, is an attractive yard. Don’t overlook the power of a beautiful garden. Messy gardens are going to make potential buyers assume the same care has been given to the rest of the property. It’s an inexpensive thing to do, but one that can have a big impact.

3. Lighting

Both the interior and exterior lighting should work to showcase your home in the absolute best… well, light. Great lighting can completely transform your home! Make sure that all of the bulbs have been refreshed, that they are positioned correctly and add the right type of lighting to suit the space. It will make a huge difference at very little cost.

4. Interior Repairs & Painting

Giving the inside of your home a quick refresh, is a great way to add value to your home. Repairing all of the little bits and bobs as needed and giving walls and trims a fresh coat of paint, will give your home a great update that potential buyers are going to notice. For the paint, make sure to stick to neutral colours as much as possible. For the repairs, spend the time and money to make sure a quality job is done.

5. Clean & Organise

By clean, we mean a very thorough and intense clean, not your basic everyday clean. This includes, scrubbing the oven, removing cobwebs, deep cleaning grout and tiles, behind the fridge, under sofas, walls, etc. Make your home looks like new! You can add appeal by the way that you organise certain things. Such as, if you have glass cabinets, you can colour coat your dishes. Other great organisation tricks are: size or colour organised book shelves, colour coating closets, useful shelving to get things off the floor, storage organisation and other such things.
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