At NS Real Estate, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly-experienced and skilled property professionals that can help remove all the stress from property management, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our friendly team offer each and every one of our clients’ premium service, genuine respect and quality dedication no matter their circumstances.

Preparing your property for rent ensures optimal results in attracting tenants to your Brisbane home, as well as quicker lease times. To help you prepare your Brisbane property for rent, here is an easy checklist for your convenience that we encourage you to use:

Preparing Your Property for Rent CHECKLIST:

  • MAIL – Ensure all your mail has been redirected, or provide the forwarding address of previous tenant.
  • UTILITIES – Electricity, phone, internet, etc. Ensure all accounts have been advised of move or cancelled. Water and Council Rates remain in owner’s name.
  • APPLIANCE MANUALS – It is recommended that manuals be scanned and copies provided for tenants to be able to access this information.
  • KEYS – As per legislation: any door, window, screen door, garage, etc. that has a lock must have a key given to the tenant. As such, 2 FULL SETS OF KEYS must be provided (one for the office and the other for the tenant).
  • REMOTES – For all automated garages, it is a requirement that the tenant be given an equal number of remotes per car spaces (i.e. double garage or two car spaces requires two remotes). This includes any swipe cards, fobs or electronic keys if/when applicable.
  • WALLS – Wipe down walls to clean off any dirt marks, scuff marks, etc. For extensive depredation of walls, painting may be recommended.
  • CEILINGS & SKIRTINGS – Remove any cobwebs, dust or marks as needed.
  • LIGHTS/FITTINGS – Check that everything is in working order. Clean off dust, dirt or dead insects.
  • CEILING FANS – Dust and clean blades. If operated by remote, please supply to NS Real Estate (see above note on remotes).
  • WINDOWS – Cleaned (both inside and out), as well as clean all dirt build-up from tracks.
  • DOORS – Ensure all handles are intact and secure. Clean all dirt and scuff marks as needed.
  • FLYSCREENS – Ensure these are brushed and dusted clean. Replace or repair any damage or tears.
  • STOVE TOPS – Ensure these are clean, including any removable parts. Make sure all parts are accounted for.
  • OVEN – Must be thoroughly cleaned, including any trays, grill racks or any other inserts as needed.
  • RANGEHOOD – Ensure frames are clean and filters are removed and cleaned.
  • TOILETS – Ensure cistern, seat, bowl (inside and outside) and base are thoroughly cleaned.
  • LAUNDRY – Ensure trough (inside and outside) are cleaned as well as any laundry cupboards.
  • TILING WALL & FLOORING – Ensure all grout on tiles is scrubbed and cleaned.
  • AIR CONDITIONING – Clean all vents and filters, as well as ensure all services are up to date.
  • CUPBOARDS/DRAWER – Ensure all are cleaned (inside and outside)
  • CURTAINS/BLINDS/SHUTTERS – Ensure all are cleaned and dusted as needed.
  • GARDENS & LAWNS – Ensure these are freshly mowed, edges trimmed, weeds are pulled and preferably freshly mulched.
  • GARAGE/SHEDS – Ensure all are cleaned and free from insects, cobwebs and dust.
  • BINS – Ensure all appropriate bins are accounted for, emptied and clean.
  • LETTERBOX – Ensure these are intact, secure and has a clearly displayed number.
  • FENCING & GATES – Ensure these are secure, intact, clean and all gates are able to be opened and closed with ease.
  • POOL/SPA – Ensure all fencing and barriers are clean, secure and up-to-regulation. Water is serviced and pool/spa is cleaned (inside and outside).

If you have any questions regarding how to prepare your home for rent, leasing your home or our Brisbane property management service, NS Real Estate’s experienced team of real estate agents can ease all your concerns.