If you are looking to invest in an executive property in Brisbane, it can be tricky to know where to go in order to find the best location, real estate agency and listings. Here are ways you can find the best executive Brisbane property.

Executive Real Estate Agency

The first, and most important step, is to find yourself a real estate agency that specialises in the executive property market of Brisbane. North South Real Estate has over 12 years’ experience in executive property management in the Brisbane market, and we believe in continually improving and redefining the benchmark for excellence in the industry. Our first-in industry access to premium properties can ensure you find the best executive property in Brisbane.


Through your executive real estate agency, you will have access to first-in listing knowledge. This is the best way to see executive listings as they happen, and be able to get in quick to view the property.


Depending upon which location you are looking in to for your next investment purchase, it is going impact your ability to find an executive property. Some premium locations see properties listed and sold within days of each other, which can make getting the property that you want a challenge. Here are the top selling premium suburbs of Brisbane:

  1. Teneriffe
  2. New Farm
  3. Ascot
  4. Hamilton
  5. Hawthorne
  6. East Brisbane
  7. Highgate Hill
  8. West End
  9. Wilston
  10. Bulimba

Give one of our real estate agents a call to discuss Brisbane’s executive property listings in any of these suburbs or surrounding areas. We can provide you with quality listings in order to help you find the best executive property for you.